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專訪01 Michelle Chan #我的愛自己是 忠於自己的節奏

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

To love myself is follow my own pace.

我們每個人都是與眾不同的,世界上沒有另一個自己。 ​所以愛自己要做自己想成為的自己,而不是別人想你成為的你

We are all unique human beings and there is no other you in this entire world.

So love yourself is to become the self that you want to be,

rather than the self that others want you to be.


Loving myself means...

愛自己這個概念可以很抽象,也可以很簡單。 簡單點,就是在不影響他人的情況下做自己快樂的事情例如吃雪糕,看日落等。 複雜點來說,愛自己的前設是要認識和了解自己。 透過自己的喜好、自己經過篩選的立場、自己組織出來的價值觀,誠實從心地表達自己的想法和行為。

The concept of love myself is an abstract one, but it can also be a simple one.

Simply speaking, it is to do what you love with respect to doing no harm to others e.g. eating ice-cream, watching sunset etc.

In a more complicated way, to love oneself, first one needs to learn and understand about oneself - understanding own strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes and filtering through them to construct our very own core values and beliefs. And from these knowing, we honestly express ourselves through our attitudes, communications and behaviours.

Q2. 不愛自己的狀態

Not loving myself is...

這一刻我很愛自己,也有時候我不愛自己。 不愛自己的時候通常就在於我面對我很喜歡的人,而我很想他們也很喜歡我,從而在過程中我變得很想得到他們的愛戴而忘卻了自己。 我認為溝通的藝術能令人成為更優秀的自己。從心表達自己,也可以有很多方法,可以是溫柔的,顧及別人的,開懷的⋯⋯ 也可以是悲傷的,負面的,不客氣的⋯⋯ 我所指的藝術在於,要怎樣拿捏關愛自己又關愛別人的方法。

At this moment, I love myself very much, but there are also times that I don’t love myself - mostly during the times when I am faced with people that I really like, and I wanted them to like me, so throughout the process of wanting them to like me that I forgot to love myself.

The art of communication can enhance and be a better version of ourselves. There are many ways to honestly express ourselves - e.g. gently, caringly and opening… or sadly, negatively and bluntly… The art of communication is about how to balance between doing it while loving ourselves and loving others.

Q3. 愛自己的生活模式

The lifestyle of loving myself...


The lifestyle I choose to love myself is, to live withholding my core values and following my own pace.


No matter what the weather is like on the outside, one must remember to bring their own sunshine.


Work on and communicate through my photography projects from closely observing my surroundings and the people around me e.g. currently I’m working on a project about my uncle who has an obsession about buses, and also a project about waste not under the influence of covid-19. ​


Right now what I hope to do most is I can return to Nepal and reunite with my Nepali friends, listen to the sounds of singing bowls and monks’ chanting, gather around a campfire and sing songs together.

January 2021

Michelle Chan | Hong Kong

Visual artist @Littledotrice ​ ​All Images Copyright © Michelle Chan​ ​ 總編輯 Editor-in-Chief: Dani Chong

執行編輯 Executive Editor: Moon Mo

助理編輯 Assistant Editor: Tina Lee

英文翻譯 English Translation: Michelle Chan


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