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No.19 為了大家自我燃燒的太陽 Makui @MUM’s NOT HOME

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

To love myself is to enjoy my metime.

Q1. 愛自己的定義

Loving myself means…


Imagine yourself as the sun. The earth is your driving force and the moon your gauge of values. When the three become perfectly aligned, that is the moment when everyone is sharing a peaceful moment of contemplation. It is a rare occurrence but the chance of it happening is there.


The sun is not selfish with its love. It is burning itself for the sake of others. Even if I love you more than I love myself, to me that is my way of loving myself.

Q2. 不愛自己的狀態

Not loving myself is…


Not loving myself is a sin bestowed on me by others. Sometimes the sense of hurt, tears, and evasiveness can also be a form of happiness.

Q3. 愛自己的生活模式

The lifestyle of loving myself…


Giving yourself time is the best lifestyle to have.

每人都需要有 metime 的時候,只要在那段時間內,做什麼都好,就算只能傻得只有發呆都是最好的愛自己。

Everyone needs metime. You can do whatever you like during that time. Even if you spend that time getting lost in your own thoughts, that’s the best love you can give to yourself.

November 2021

Makui | Hong Kong ​

店主 @ MUM’s NOT HOME 媽不在家

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