專訪18 Ren Wan @JupYeah執嘢 #我的愛自己是 做一個更好的人

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

To love myself is to be a better me.

Q1. 愛自己的定義

Loving myself means…


Like yourself. Believe that you are beautiful. Place this self as your priority and the right decisions will come to you naturally.


Be willing to listen and accept your inner voice. Take action according to your wishes and preference to maintain good physical and mental health.


Do you want to be a better person? Then stay focused and work hard towards achieving your dreams. That is loving yourself.

Q2. 不愛自己的狀態

Not loving myself is…


I believe there are many people who appear self-centered and mistake that as a sign of self-loving.


Discrediting your inner-voice and neglecting your body and soul are the earliest signs of not loving yourself. Your natural instincts tell you to enter self preservation mode when negative emotions arise, drowning out that voice of guidance from inside. Those negative emotions in fact are perfectly natural. If you are willing to face them with patience and understanding, you will find the chance to heal each other.


When you don’t love yourself you’ll allow yourself to become someone you loathe. You will allow yourself to live in a permanent funk. There is nobody who knows what’s best for your body and soul more than yourself. Are you willing to fight and make a stand against these harmful things in your life?

Q3. 愛自己的生活模式

The lifestyle of loving myself…


You can live a life based on love at work and in your daily life if you spend time listening to your inner voice.


I really love to work. When I have to allocate a work and rest balance, I will motivate and encourage myself to choose more work because I like that person I become when I’m working.

處女座與工作狂,本身就是兩個不能分割的身份。不過最近我開始了一個新習慣,就是在這兩個角色當中,加插了「興趣項目」 —— 即使在百忙之中,只要心血來潮,也會容許自己先做一些無聊而好玩的事,翌日才追回工作進度。就這樣,在覺得需要休息時,先騰出時間給腦袋好好休息,讓每個細胞回到應有的節奏。

You can’t take the workaholic out of a virgo. I have however recently started a new “hobby project” to balance out these two very identifiable traits of mine - regardless of how busy I am, when the mood strikes, I’ll allow myself to engage in some fun and trivial activity before returning to catch up on work the next day. It’s that simple. When the need to rest calls, allow your brain to rest and let the cells within your body return to an optimal rhythm.


I don’t think there is one ideal way of lifestyle that the concept of loving myself is fixed within.


I am very conscientious of my mental well being, and that’s why I eat healthily. I don’t indulge and I don’t have a habit of snacking. Having sufficient sleep is key. I allow myself to awake naturally. Unless I have to, I don’t usually show myself until after noon time.


Intellectual and spiritual fulfillment and fulfillment from material things are incomparable. Knowledge from books, music and exhibitions are the essence of life around us that feeds our soul.


There is nothing in the beginning. Routine brings a sense of security and I try to keep my living space tidy.