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No.17 勇敢誠實面對自己 Phoebe Leung @Atelier PHY

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

To love myself is to have the courage to be honest with myself.

Q1. 愛自己的定義

Loving myself means…


Don't waste your time and life on trivial things.

Q2. 不愛自己的狀態

Not loving myself is…


Getting caught up in situations undeserving of your attention.

Photographer: Frankie Leong

Q3. 愛自己的生活模式

The lifestyle of loving myself…


Have the courage to be honest with yourself.

Art direction: Studio ATOF, Frankie Leong

Photographer: Frankie Leong


Live your own life. You will never be creative if you blindly follow others. To love myself is to persevere, and those experiences will lead you down a rewarding path.


Last but not least, keep falling in love! The subject could be anyone or anything that lights your fire.

Photo 1 / Photographer: The Light Particles

Photo 3 / Styled by @spenceswl MUH & Photography @yoyoyipmakeup

October 2021

Phoebe Leung | Hong Kong ​

Milliner 帽匠 @atelierphyl

ig: @phoebethemilliner

work ig: @atelierphyl

​All Images Copyright © atelierphyl

總編輯 Editor-in-Chief: Dani Chong

執行編輯 Executive Editor: Jinno Neko

助理編輯 Assistant Editor: Tina Lee, Zoe Wong

英文翻譯 English Translation: Cliff Wu


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