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No.14 將失敗成為改善自己的基石 Grace Tong 陶瓷設計師

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

To love myself is understand, appreciate and tolerate myself.


Loving myself means...


Understand, appreciate and tolerate myself.


Find yourself. Learn to appreciate your strengths and accept your weaknesses.

Q2. 不愛自己的狀態

Not loving myself is...


You can't love yourself if you don't appreciate yourself.

曉至 HIUCHI wave incense holder


You'll be easily distracted by outside noise and lose your own identity and what you're really after in life.

Q3. 愛自己的生活模式

The lifestyle of loving myself...


I was able to better understand myself through ceramics design. My pieces always reflect my mood and character when I take them out of the kiln.


Cracks and imperfections are common after firing. I've learned to let go during this process and accept my failures. They are the basis of my improvement.

總編自肥之選 Chief Editor's Choice

曉至 HIUCHI 月球系列 moon series:

曉至 HIUCHI moon bowl, moon mug, moon vase

曉至 HIUCHI moon sake set

曉至 HIUCHI metal moon series

July 2021

Grace Tong | Hong Kong

陶瓷設計師 Creamic Artist @曉至 HIUCHI

​All Images Copyright © 曉至HIUCHI

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執行編輯 Executive Editor: Moon Mo

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