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專訪10 Iris Yung #我的愛自己是 活自己所想

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

To love myself is to live my way.


Loving myself means...


My parents separated when I was young and I was raised by my aunt. Because of work, my father travelled a lot and I’d see him maybe a few days a month.


I’ve always felt alone growing up. Going to school was no different. I had this intense pressure upon me, as I never had parents who attended my school activities.


I question my self-worth. I’m always thinking about my shortcomings. Am I not worth their love? I don’t speak much at home. I just accept what my family expects from me. Not that anyone cares anyway.


I was hit hard when my father died a few years back. I left home and rented myself a small studio. Alone and uninterrupted, I’d lock myself in and focus on my paintings and reading books.


In the process of painting, I slowly discovered much of my feelings have never been shared with anyone before, and I have been silently enduring them. Painting later became my medication. It helped me to understand myself and the outside world. I was slowly able to fight off my stubbornness and sorrow, and decided to start afresh by rediscovering everything around me through new feelings of inspiration and the joys in life. Listen to the voice in your heart and live a life you want for yourself. My greatest wish is to be happy.


If your family was absent during your childhood, you should take even greater care of yourself. Embrace yourself and work harder than others to really feel what the world has to offer.

Q2. 不愛自己的狀態

Not loving myself is...


Ignoring my inner voice and the thoughts in my heart. Refusing to accept reality. Thinking that I’m not worthy of being loved. Denying myself, demeaning myself or giving up.

Q3. 愛自己的生活模式

The lifestyle of loving myself...


Try to do things that make you happy. Always be open to feeling and observing everything around you, and use them as inspiration to your work.


Don't be so quick to dismiss your emotions. Feel as much as possible - feelings of sorrow or joy are both evidence of your very existence. Listen and respond in kind to your inner voice. You must learn from your mistakes in order to grow.

April 2021

Iris Yung | Hong Kong ​

Tattoo Artist & Painter @buymyartstudio

All Images Copyright © Iris Yung

總編輯 Editor-in-Chief: Dani Chong

執行編輯 Executive Editor: Moon Mo

助理編輯 Assistant Editor: Tina Lee

英文翻譯 English Translation: Cliff Wu


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