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專訪07 Kalun #我的愛自己是 時常提出疑問

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

To love myself is to always ask questions.


Loving myself means…


Being able to make conscious decisions independently.


In this age of information-overload, many of us are pursuing the "conditions" or "ability" to be able to break free, but we often forget the "consciousness" of choice.


As an example, we work, we earn, then we spend. We find out what the latest and greatest is and believe we’ve made the best-informed choice on the next purchase.

錄像作品《A Normal Norms》

A Normal Norms - single-channel video (HD, color, sound), 9:58 min, 2016


That is not to say having standards in life or the desire for quality is a negative attribute. But I personally believe there should be a thought process involved in deciding what is actually good or desirable, whether you are promoting or on the receiving-end of such ideas.

A Normal Norms - single-channel video (HD, color, sound), 9:58 min, 2016


Afterall, if ambition and success are the only things that motivate you, then your life achievements are nothing more than fulfillments in life.

A Normal Norms * exhibition view: 17th Media Art Biennale WRO 2017 DRAFT SYSTEMS

Q2. 不愛自己的狀態

Not loving myself is...


I hate having to accept the stated description/value of things, or even worse, being led-on by something I absolutely disagree with.

攝影混合媒介作品《rose is a rose is a rose is a rose》

rose is a rose is a rose is a rose - archival pigment prints (various sizes, framed & mounted on dibond), lightbox, uv prints on plexiglass, 2016


It’s also not feasible to naively critique each and everything you come across in life. I believe in finding a balance between one’s curiosity and critical thoughts. Afterall, curiosity is essential when trying to better understand the world.

Q3. 愛自己的生活模式

The lifestyle of loving myself...


Always ask questions.


Everything in life should be a question and not an answer. I also believe we must have the capacity to embrace our mistakes. Don’t hide from it.


Occasionally, you might find a different view if you dig a hole deep enough. Although the journey back up might take quite some time. (LOL)

商業作品短片《True Story of Michaela Metesová》

Commercial short film - True Story of Michaela Metesová


I left for Poland to study art at the height of my commercial photography career. Four years flashed by before I again relocated to my current home in Tokyo, where I’ve been for a year and a half. I am aware that some people think I threw my career away or that I lack focus.


In my view, a creative person shouldn't place too much stock in what they have already achieved. A thirst for the unknown should be what’s driving you.


The best ideas and pieces have yet to appear. It might be a struggle but you have to persist.

商業作品短片《True Story of Zachar Szerstobitow》

Commercial short film - True Story of Zachar Szerstobitow

March 2021

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