Redefine what we believe; 

Reset how we think; 

Reform the way we live.

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A meme is an idea, behaviour or style that spreads from person to person.



Memes & Friends is a non-profit organisation founded by Michelle Chan and Dani Chong. We believe and are passionate in living consciously and have a desire to inspire others in doing so.


Today living in a globalised and technology-driven world, we see how the media and the society has shifted and somehow even twisted our knowledge or beliefs of what is fundamentally important in different aspects of our lives, e.g. with relationships, education and careers etc. This issue is getting more and more serious, as it is injecting a growing dynamic of stressful and unhappy environment amongst people of Hong Kong. More importantly, it is continuously hurting our psyche and is causing a growth in psychological problems.


文化基因工作室(Memes & Friends)是一個非牟利藝術團體,創辦人 陳韻芝 (Michelle Chan) 與 莊丹妮 (Dani Chong) 相信人對意識的覺醒能幫助瞭解自己與事物的整體,以生命影響生命的方式將理念傳播給別人。



In Memes and Friends, we believe that to live a happier and more well-balanced life, developing an awareness of how we interpret the world is vital. Without examination of our thoughts, we can easily adopt other people's perceptions and buy into beliefs that do us no good. As an organisation, we are here to:

  • Spread memes          

Create a space for questioning, redefining and making changes in our lifestyles

  • Make friends     

build a community to gather the similar kinds as well as to inspire the others ones

Through art, psychology and philosophy, we are here together to question and redefine societal concepts and values, spread memes and create awareness about conscious living, and rrovide bridges to changes in lifestyle. 

我們相信人對於「如何詮釋世界」這份覺醒關係重大,否則便會輕易地接受別人的觀念,不假思索地認同被扭曲的想法。Memes & Friends以非牟利藝術組織身分建立一個令香港人身心靈平衡的快樂生活社群:

  • 傳播文化基因(Memes)     



  • 結交朋友(Friends)     





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